About Us

Customs Agency FORSPED was founded in 2006, however, the beginnings of our experience in customs services date back to 1997.

Since then, we have been representing business entities from various industries before customs authorities. Forsped has a long history of cooperation with corporate companies such as Jabil Poland Sp zo.o. Lacroix Electronics Sp zo.o. , Cereal Partners – Nestle Pacyfic Toruń , as well as smaller, domestic companies with Polish capital. Our services are also used by a large group of entities based in the EU.

The company’s main and core value is its team of highly qualified people. We currently have 25 employees. The majority of the staff are customs agents listed as customs agents with at least 20 years of experience. Our staff form a dynamic team, open to innovation.

When performing customs clearance, we use permits that allow goods to be presented for customs clearance at various locations within the country. In these cases, it is not necessary to deliver the goods to the Customs Office.

The primary objective of our company is to offer a comprehensive and professional service. We are constantly expanding the range of our services in order to respond to market demands. We attach particular importance to the development of new projects to meet the individual needs of our customers, and to the introduction of technological innovations on a digital level to improve systems and work processes.

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Our branches are located in :

place Kwidzyn, ul. Lotnicza 1

phone phone no. +48 55 611 41 44

place Toruń, Batorego 46/52

phone phone no. +48 56 660 41 75

place Pruszcz Gd, ul. Deyny 2b/1

phone phone no. +48 530 231 905